Several previews and trailers have been released to promote season 1 and 2 of ITV's Anomaly Crisis.

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Season 1Edit

For season 1, ITV released only 1 trailer to promote the series, but showed repeatedly, as their other promotions highly effected the outcome of the series.

ITV TrailerEdit

The ITV trailer was only 0:31 long, but showed clips from every episode; such as the enteledont attacking Allison, the Achillobators being blown up, the T. rex wrecking a renovated park, Abby viewing the Placoderm, the "Chupacabra" attacking the mob, and the ARC team sent back to the cretaceous. Then, across the screen, the words 'ANOMALY CRISIS, ONLY ON ITV1!' appear. Then the screen is torn apart and the future lizard roars at you.

ITV's trailer cannot be shown on the internet due to copyright reasons.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 is confirmed to appear in late July or early August 2011. The trailer is very short, and only shows a clip of a mammalian predator running down the ARC vehicle, then a 17th century woman whispering "the beast is upon them."