Ben Jones is a new ARC team member. He works in the menagerie with Abby Maitland. He may have a crush on Abby, as Beastly 14 has released a spoiler that says "he could be a new love target for Abby, or even Jess."

Ben Jones (AC)
Biographical information
Profession Zookeeper
Organisations London Zoo
Height 6'0"
Age 27
Hobbies Playing with Animals
Skills Zookeeping
Status Active
Production information
Actor/Actress Jude Law
First appearance
Latest appearance


Ben is a former zookeeper just like Abby, though he had a much higher position than her. Before he was accepted by the ARC, he lost his job when the buffalo he was looking after some how disappeared, and he was blamed for killing them. Once he joined the ARC, Lester came to think of him as the menagerie keeper, though later on, he becomes part of the field team.

In Episode 1 Edit

In episode 1, Ben was guided to the menagerie by Abby. They started playing with the animals, and Abby realized that Ben is very good with them, and Abby could lose her job.

In Episode 3Edit

In episode 3, Ben asked Lester for a raise, so Lester sent him with the team to the Amazon. At the village, Ben was the team's translator when they asked the amazonians about the creatures.