Columbian Mammoths were a hairless species of Mammoth. They come from the Late Pleistocene. The species were still roaming through North America until about 8000 years ago.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 2.6

A large Male Columbian Mammoth came through an anomaly on the M25. It tipped over several vans and cars in panic, as it couldn't smell its herd on the other side of the Anomaly. It almost c
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The Mammoth

rushed Cutter and Jake's mother whilst they tried to escape from an overturned car. Luckily for them, Connor and Jake honked the horn of a lorry, distracting the Mammoth, allowing Cutter and Jake's mother to get to safety. The plan soon became trying to coax the Mammoth back through the anomaly by using female elephant urine brought by Abby from a nearby Safari Park.

However the anomaly closed and Cutter quickly created a trail of the urine into the back of an open Lorry container in which it followed the scent and was contained inside. It was later taken to the ARC where it was kept in a metal cage and fed by Abby. James Lester (who wasn't very interested in Mammoth facts) joked about its hegiene and selling its tusks and the creature was very agitated. Lester later released it in order to help him fight against a Future Predator, and the Mammoth impaled it on one of its tusks.

Primeval RevivedEdit

The Mammoth re - appears in Primeval Revived.