Primeval Evolved 2 Episode 1
Creature(s) Future Predator
Unknown future creatures
Setting Future City, future
Preceded by Primeval Evolved
Followed by Episode 2
Series created and written by Spamalot360

Episode 1 is the first episode of Primeval Evolved 2, following on directly from Primeval Evolved.

Official SynopsisEdit

You are stranded in the future, with no chance of escape. Vicious creatures, Future Predators, Megopterans, and other completely unknown monsters, are closing in on you, keen to tear you apart. In an attempt to escape you run - you know it's the end, but you run anyway, anywhere you can. You end up in a building... and it looks strangely familiar. But the creatures are closing in. There is no hope for you.

But then someone appears - a man. He saves you from the creatures, and introduces himself as Samuel Sinclair. Who is he? Why is he in the future? And what does he want? Sinclair looks to be everything you've hoped for: a way to get home, and a source of some answers. But this is only just the beginning...

Primeval Evolved 2
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