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Primeval Evolved 2, or PE2, is an interactive web game, that is a sequel to the original Primeval Evolved series, and a prequel to the upcoming Primeval Unleashed. It is written by Spamalot360, and features you as the main character.

This series has been nominated in The Primeval Fanon Wiki Awards


It picks up where Primeval Evolved finished, with you left stranded in a future city. There are to be ten episodes. The name of one new character has been released: Marcus Navetti. Soon after, another was also confirmed as Samuel Sinclair.

The official synopsis for Episode 1 was released, outlining the start of the series. It describes how you are on the verge of being killed by future creatures, before being rescued by Samuel Sinclair. Creatures confirmed in this include Future Predators, Megopterans, and other unknown future creatures. Alongside this, Samuel Sinclair's official bio was given, calling him a man of mystery.





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