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Attention - series creators on this wiki can now nominate characters, creatures and episode in the Primeval Fanon Wiki Awards!

Welcome to the Primeval Fanon Wiki, where the universe of Primeval expands to the realms of your imagination. Make your own adventures of the ARC team, and beyond. Create your own characters, creatures, series and episodes and let your imagination run wild...

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Check out the new series:

A good place to start is the Open Series. Here, anyone can submit their stories, and the best will be chosen to appear in the series.

Remember, when naming articles from your series, have the series initials in brackets after your actual article name. For example, Episode 1.1 from the Open Series becomes 'Episode 1.1 (TOS)', Ben Jones from Anomaly Crisis becomes 'Ben Jones (AC)' and Giraffatitan from Primeval Revived becomes 'Giraffatitan (PR)'.

Check out the upcoming Primeval Fanon Wiki Awards, where anyone can win! See the nominees and, if you are a series creator, nominate creatures, characters or episodes from your series.

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