The Primeval Revived Promotions are a list of 12 promotions to promote the series set up by Primeval13. There is one promotion for each of the fourteen days from Episode 1 to 2.

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Day 1Edit

The Promotion for Day 1 is Episode 1

Day 2Edit

The Promo for Day 2 is a picture of the Aircraft Hanger when filming in Episode 1.2.

Day 3Edit

A Promo of the Tyrannosaurus Rex from Episode 1.5.

Tyrannosaurus BW-1-

Day 4Edit

A Promo of the Archosauromorpha from Episode 1.7.

Trilophosaurus BW-1-

Day 5Edit

A Promo of a Liopleurodon from Episode 1.6.

Liopleurodon BW-1-

Day 6Edit

A promotion of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from Episode 9.


Day 7Edit

A Promo of a Camarasaurus from Episode 8.


Day 8Edit

A Promo of the Allosaurus.


Day 9Edit

A Promo of the Plesiosaurus.


Day 10Edit

A Photo of a Tower Block in filming during Series One.

Trellick tower entranceP1039518-1-

Day 11Edit

A Promo of a Olympic-Type Swimming Pool from Episode 5.

News-graphics-2008- 439723a-1-

Day 12Edit

Article-1327951-002D7A9E00000258-265 468x286-1-

Manchester Prison, where Episode 5 is filmed

Day 13Edit

Trellick tower ladbroke grove-1-

The Tower

Day 14Edit


A typical part of the Industrial Estate