A few trailers have appeared to promote Primeval Revived.

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Series 1Edit

Trailer 1Edit

This trailer was released two to three weeks proir to the first episode being brordcasted. In it, clips of creatures and characters appear with the caption 'Back From Extinction'. The soundtrack is Stockholm Syndrome by Muse.

Trailer 2Edit

The second trailer was filmed via a camera on the sholder of an ARC soldier. In the trailer, three ARC soldiers, EMD's in hand, are charging down a school corridor. Eventually, the soldiers come to a stop when they see a teenage pupil at the bottom of a flight of stairs holding a plank of wood standing next to an unconcious raptor and an anomaly. The caption 'There is a New Kid on the Block' then appears. The soundtrack is Butterflies and Hurricanes, also by Muse.

Trailer 3Edit

A third trailer was released for the two part series finale. The soundtrack was Tristan by Two Steps From Hell. It jumps straight in at around 1:49 of the song, and features a T.Rex, a creature snatching Connor, and Sam firing his EMD.

Series 2Edit

Trailer 1Edit

A trailer was comfirmed for release two weeks prior to the series opener. The soundtrack is Protectors Of The Earth by Two Steps From Hell. The same tune was used for the trailer for the Autumn Half of Doctor Who Series 6.

The trailer features clips of a Kentrosaurus, a Scutosaurus, a Gorgonopsid, several anomalies, the team, and several other creatures.

Trailer 2Edit

The second trailer was released the same day as the first. The Soundtrack is Freedom Fighters by Two Steps From Hell. At the start, clips of the team and a giant flying beast are shown. Then, clips of two Future Predators charging, a Gorgonopsid, a Ankylosaurus, a T.Rex, three Future Sapiens fighting, a massive beast, raptors and Sam saying 'It's Begining'...