Occupation TBA
Organisations part of TBA
Appearances Primeval Evolved 2
Actor/Actress TBA

Samuel Sinclair is a character confirmed to be appearing in Primeval Evolved 2. In the official synopsis for Episode 1, it says that you meet him in the future, after he saves you from vicious future creatures, including Future Predators and Megopterans.

Official BioEdit

An enigmatic man of mystery, Samuel Sinclair has been living in the future for some time now. Next to nothing is known about his life: why he is in the future, what he is doing there, and how he has survived for so long are all still unknown. Managing to avoid the detection of any humans entering that era, he has lived his life in the shadows - until now. Revealing himself to you, after you are stranded in the future, he appears to be your salvation. But all is not what it seems...