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9th October 2011-TBA -

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Series 1 is the first series in A Rip in Time. There are several story arcs over the course of the series, one is of the mysterious Peter Lyon, Jonathon Black's assistant, another involves Stephan Kearney who claims that the ARC killed his family in 2067, and Mark Davis, a teenager who has suffered through his time spent in the anomalies.


The series begins with the team already together and fighting the anomalies, Episode 1 does not have the same 'discovery' plot as Episode 1.1 did in Primeval. The team have to deal with a variety of threats this series, not only creatures, but people as well. When Stephan Kearney appears in Episode 3 his knowledge, and his past reveal that the ARC won't always be the good guys, and his history with the ARC will threaten everyones lives. But the creatures are jsut as lethal, form a Hyaenodon stalking the forests of a National Park, a pack of raptors at the railway yards, to a pack of future predators hunting prey in the Otway Ranges, the threats never subside...


Main Characters:Edit

Prof. Jake Borelli

Matt Blake

Dr. Isabel Thorpe

Tom (Ferret) Kosov

Kate (Bomber) Brown

Peter Lyon

Jonathon Black

Recurring Characters:Edit

Stephan Kearney

Mark Davis


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10


A few of the creautres which will appear in Series 1

Hyaenodon- Episode 1

Dromaeosaurus- Episode 6

Future Predator- Episode 7

Prey of the Future Predator (creature type to be revealed)- Episode 7

Kronosaurus- Episode 4


Therocephalian- Episode 2



Cynodictus- Episode 1 (recurring creature)


Australian ARC

Brisbane Ranges

Point Nepean

Melbourne Harbour

Railway Yards




Episode 3 Stephan Kearney emerges from an anomaly and claims that the ARC (australian ARC) killed his family in 2067 and then flee's in a high speed car chase that has a few bullets fired.

Stephan will attack the team on more than one occasion and nearly kill one of their most valuable members

Episode 6 Another person (Mark Davis) emerges from an anomaly, but he's only 15 years old. It is also revealed that he was once a member of the Time Tribe from Primeval Episode 4.3 and met both Emily Merchant and Helen Cutter.

Episode 8 Two anomalies open and the team must frantically contain two of the most dangerous creatures that they have ever encountered

Bomber will like Matt but he will think that she just want to be friends, when secretely Ferret really likes Bomber.

Two differnt species of theropod will appear

The team go out for a party in one episode and one of the team has a dangerous anaphaylactic reaction to Lobster

This series is set in the original timeline and the main original food source of the future predators is revealed


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