Please Note: Voting is not open yet, but series creators can now nominate for their series via my talk page!

The Primeval Fanon Wiki Awards are a awards ceremony devised by Primeval13, to celebrate the creativity of the Wiki users. The ceremony is planned to happen on the wikis first anniversary.

Voting is open to everyone on the wiki. Selected categories will be voted by Admin only.

Before voting, please check every nominees for each category.




  • Best New Character:
  • Best Creature:
  • Best New Future Creature:
  • Best Episode Plot:
  • Novel:
  • Interactive Online Series:
  • Best New Series:
  • Best New Mini Series:
  • Best Promotions:
  • Trailers:
  • Stunt:
  • Super Editor:
  • Points:

Best New CharacterEdit

- Voted by All Users, Series Creator nominates two new characters

Best CreatureEdit

- Voted by all users, Creatures from the Past only, Series Creator nominates two new creatures

Best New Future CreatureEdit

- Voted by All Users, New Creatures Created By Series Creator, Series Creator nominates one or two creatures

Best Episode PlotEdit

- Voted by All Users, Episode nominated by Series Creator, One Only, Can be Two or Three Parter

Best New NovelEdit

- Voted by Admin only

Best New Interactive SeriesEdit

- Voted by Admin only

Best New SeriesEdit

- Voted by All Users

Best Mini SeriesEdit

- For series such as Primeval Future, same as above

Best PromotionsEdit

- This is for the best promotions for the series. These are voted by Administrators Only


- Best Trailers, Voted by Admin only.


- Best Single Stunt, Voted by Admin only

Super EditorEdit

- Not voted for, award is given to the person with the most edits


- The user with the most Achivement Awards, same as above

Remember, when you chose to vote, vote via Primeval13's talk page and post your votes!

If you win, put your email address on Primeval13's talk page, and he will send you an award!