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A concept drawing of the Indricotherium, in Episode 1.

, it's my main wiki. But this one's awesome! Here are some spoilers for my new series called "Anomaly Crisis":

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Each day I will post either concept art of scenes or creatures, or I will post major spoilers leading up to the finally on Saturday, June 12th. Here's day 1 (not the Indricotherium concept)!

Day 1

Wednesday, May 25: A spoiler & image for Episode 1:

  • "As the mighty creature rose up on its hind legs, it toppled over the entire bleachers! Leaving barely any survivors. Meanwhile, under the bleachers, the enteledont has finished eating the goalie, and is now coming out of the ruins, hungry for its next meal..."
  • Day one content

    Here is the picture of the stadium during filming.

Day 2

Thursday, May 26: A whole gallery of in-the-making creatures

Day 3: Half of Episode 1 summary! and another picture!

Friday, May 27: Episode 1 plot & Henry Anderson photo:

New People:Ben Jones (menagerie keeper), Allison Lucas (new team member, very energetic & young college grad majoring in paleontology)

Non - Important people: Philip is dead, and Connor is head of Prospero, and rarely comes back to the ARC.

During half time at a professional soccer game in Foxboro Stadium, Manchester United vs. Chealsey, an anomaly has opened, and this one's big... Back at the ARC, several changes have been done, adding two new team members. Abby is showing one of the new members around the ARC, Ben. They visit the menagerie, and Ben seems to enjoys playing with the animals, especially Rex and Sid & Nancy.

The animals enjoy his company even more than Abby's: he may become the new menagerie keeper. The new anomaly is detected, and Abby has to go. She trusts Ben to stay in the menagerie with the animals while she takes care of the anomaly. After arriving at the game, the team can see that chaos has ensued. They see the anomaly and standing right in front of it is the creature.

Matt identifies it as an Indricotherium, very humongous, but he also notices that the poor creature looks very skinny & hungry. It is also terrified and belts out a loud roar, shaking the bleachers. The crowd screams, running out of the stadium, however several people are too slow and end up on the field. However the players aren't there. They're hiding under the bleachers. Allison hears one of them scream and rushes over to help, but it's too late.

A creature leaps out from behind a pillar supporting the bleachers and attacks the goalie. Allison shoots it with an EMD, but the creature won't stop. Matt runs over to help and finds that the creature is an enteledont, basically a prehistoric pig with big tusks and a battle - tank for a body. Even though the creature is extremely dangerous, he grabs his EMD and shoots it repeatedly until the creature stops. But it's not done - it's just the beginning...(to be continued)

Yeah that's right, Henry Anderson plays Ben Jones in the series!